University of California, Los Angeles BA cum laude
Boston University School of Law JD

Patrick Bowers

Patrick was born in Tarzana, California.  Patrick grew up in Santa Clarita.  In high school he moved to Tehachapi.  After his graduation from Tehachapi High School, Patrick earned his B.A. in Political Science from UCLA.  Patrick enjoyed his last quarter of college in Washington DC where he studied at the UCLA Center for American Politics and Public Policy and interned for the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Patrick studied law at Boston University School of Law.  While at BU, Patrick participated in the Litigation Clinic and Legislative Internship Clinic in which he interned for the Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader. 

Patrick obtained his Juris Doctorate from BU.  Patrick is admitted to the State Bar of California, and the Eastern and Central Districts of California.  Patrick was an associate attorney at Clifford & Brown and then practiced in Washington DC.  Upon returning home to Kern County, he focused his attorney work exclusively on DUI defense.

Patrick also leverages his developed skills to effectively negotiate for his clients and frame complex legal issues at the appellate level.  He is part of the team that handled and successfully argued Department of Motor Vehicles v. Najera (5th Dist. Court of Appeal) and Department of Motor Vehicles v. Bouton (5th Dist. Court of Appeal) which are the first California appellate cases to address the issue of substantial evidence rebutting the presumption that reported blood test results are reliable.     

He practices law to promote justice for our community.  We all know that an arrest can happen to anyone; it takes just one momentary lapse in good judgment or bad luck.  Patrick is blessed with the opportunity to help good people turn around bad situations one step at a time.

Patrick takes great pride in leading the Bakersfield DUI Attorneys because we make a difference in people’s lives.  Every day Patrick helps people to stand up, dust off and move forward—stronger, wiser, more focused and with greater appreciation for personal freedom.  If Patrick can reduce the fear factor and empower folks to use a difficult situation as a fulcrum for positive growth and change, he has accomplished his mission.